Sauder Furniture Ecommerce Site Overview

Role: Experience Design Strategist, Lead Information Architect, leading the UX Design team


Sauder Furniture came to my team with a challenge: revamp the digital presence to reach a younger audience and help them shop the way they want to shop online. Make products easier to find, understand and buy - wherever the customer happens to be.

The Sauder Digital project was a project to create a collection of digital properties to help young people who want to design their spaces affordably, in their own unique style with easy-to use, contextual and social apps, websites, tools and support.

As the design strategy team lead, I worked closely with stakeholders, brand and technology strategists to direct the design strategy, information design, and interaction design for the new

Discovery and Research

When Sauder first came to us, this is what their website looked like.

After diagnosing structural and UX issues, our team was charged with developing a design strategy to reach a new audience, create a new site structure and navigation, and redesign to express the new brand.

To help the client and the team understand Sauder's new audience, I created several personas based on our research.

I also used our research to help identify touchpoint opportunities; a series of experience maps followed specific personas though their end to end experiences buying furniture. The maps highlighted both positive and negative experiences.

Design Strategy

To help bring together user, business, brand and technology needs, experience principles and design criteria were central to the design strategy.

The team used a storyboard approach to communicate the desired buyers journey based on the design strategy.

The design strategy broke down the work into phases and work plans over three years.

Information Architecture

I structured my site maps around personas' information needs.

My mobile clickstreams showed a holistic view of the site and how a user could move through it.

I modeled metadata for more than 800 products to support new searching and sorting methods.

Interaction Design

In order to communicate complex interactions and clarify intent, it was critical that the wireframes we created were clickable prototypes. Static documents wouldn't have been sufficient.

Prototypes for both the mobile and desktop experiences were created in Axure.


The results: an updated brand look and feel, with solid supporting structure, improved findability and pleasant user experience. The website redesign was a large part of the overall rebranding effort.