Panoptix® Product Experience Strategy and Design

Panoptix® By Johnson Controls: Overview

Role: Experience Design Strategist leading the UX Design team

Panoptix® is an enterprise suite of cloud-based apps, services and support to help facility engineers harness the power of their data and better manage their building environments.

When the Panoptix® project came to me and my UX group, more than 10 groups of designers and engineers had each built their own Panoptix-related properties. It was my job to incorporate them and make them accessible from one easy-to use interface.

I was responsible for the product's experience strategy, information architecture, interaction design and art direction.

This is a small sampling of my work on the project.

Discovery and Research

The "before" state: 12 different properties, all with different experiences, dimensions and visual designs.

I began with an intense discovery period, including research on each property. I then defined and documented its users, business purpose, goals and objectives.

After the team had the opportunity to visit and conduct depth interviews with users - facility and building management professionals - we refined the identified user list and created personas.

Design Strategy

The design strategy brought together user needs and business needs, then outlined a recommended approach for design. I then defined the relationships between properties, suggesting anticipated movement between them based on discovery and research.

Since the product was to have very divergent user groups, the structure of Panoptix was to be crisply defined, with "looking" and "doing" activities separated visually and conceptually.

Functionality needs were mapped out by user, thereby indicating high level interaction needs.

Information Architecture

I mapped out content needs by user, in order of priority.

I created site maps for each property.

Wireframing and User Testing

Under my direction, the team created wireframes and prototypes in OmniGraffle.

The team used paper prototypes for concept validation testing.

Interaction Design

Under my art direction, several navigation concepts were designed and tested.

Visual design went through many iterations.

The final approved designs.