T-Mobile.com Returns Hub

T-Mobile.com Returns Hub: Overview

Role: Experience Strategist, Experience Design Lead, Art Director

Visit: t-mobile.com

T-Mobile came to my team with a problem: they wanted to promote a new return policy. T-Mobile was so confident that customers would be satisfied with their service, they would make a bold promise: if customers changed their mind, they could return their phones and cancel service, hassle-free. On top of that, T-Mobile would pay their way back to their old carrier.

The ask of my team was to simply promote the new policy.

But during discovery, I uncovered a larger challenge: T-Mobile's current return process was hard to find, confusing, and complicated. If we ever hoped to deliver on the promise of hassle-free returns, T-Mobile would have to make it easier for customers to make returns and exchanges.

Discovery, Research + Strategy

Current Process

As part of the discovery phase, I researched and documented the existing return process.

Proposed Process

After interviewing stakeholders and assessing feasibility, I then mapped out an easier return process. The new process called for:

  • coordinated pathways to the returns hub,
  • easy to use online return and exchange tools,
  • cross-device accessibility, and
  • an email communication strategy.

Elevator Speech

In order to align stakeholders and the project team, and to provide a common language to talk about the project, I developed a summary of the project, in the form of an elevator speech. 

Experience Principles and Design Criteria

Using the brand strategy's guiding principles of Simple, Transparent, Relevant and Helpful, I developed experience principles and design criteria to align the team and provide direction to design.

Information Architecture and Interaction Design

To accommodate a short timeline, we iteratively designed and tested, incorporating feedback into subsequent designs.

Beginning with a thorough content inventory and task analysis, I analyzed and identified the optimal user flows in the returns hub.


Low Fidelity Designs

After a few collaborative sketching sessions with the team, I quickly created a low-fidelity prototype.

I used this prototype to gain consensus wth thte client and the team, and to form a common understanding of the hub's goals and objectives.


InVision prototype for the initial Returns Hub concept.

Higher Fidelity Designs

After iterating on designs a few times, I was ready to work with Brand to put together a higher fidelity prototype.


Higher fidelity prototype for presentation to executives.

Finished Visual Design

Landing Page

Returns Hub Landing Page